Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Q: Are animals tranqualized during travel?
A: It is not recommended sedation of animals during the journey. So they are more easilyadapted transportation. In some cases, aggressive animals, your veterinarian mayrecommend the use of anesthesia or sedation. Only then are applied in compliance with all requirements of the veterinarian.

Q: How old should my puppy is to be able to travel?
A: Generally over 6 weeks on most airlines have an additional restriction is greater than 3 months

How many puppies can travel in aone cell ?
A: If dogs are under the age of 6 months and are from the same litter, the maximum number that can travel is 3

Q: What do I need to organize a trip to the dog or cat to England?
1. EU passport
2. rabies vaccine
3. microchip
4. laboratory testing of a blood test from a certified laboratory (RNATT test), which have passed 6 months.
5. treatment against internal and external parasites for more than 24 hours and less than48 hours from the time of landing.
6. completed health certificate on a form of British Airways, whose form you can ask us

After arrival pet is obtained from the Animal Reception Centre in London, several hours after its landing.

The other scheme is a red tag for quarantine. Not required any documents, but after landing the owner must organize and paid 6 months quarantine in England.